Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SIS: Shares In Squidoo - Best Book Lenses

Since this is my blog about books, I thought I would dedicate my first SIS: Shares in Squidoo to the best book related lenses I have spotted so far:

Alica H. (Lensmaster name: eclypsechic) wrote this Best Chick Lit lens, which I enjoyed. It grew my "books to read" list quite a bit! We like a lot of the same authors.

I'm a fan of Janet Evanovich's Plum series, so I must pay tribute here to audiobooks1, who produced this lens, Janet Evanovich Audiobooks. This lens inspired me to move outside of my Plum series comfort zone.

"Pretty Little Liars," the TV show, is one of my guilty pleasures. Imagine my delights when I found this lens with all of the original PTL books listed in order! Thanks, marciag!

I hope and pray my daughter grows up to love reading as much as I do. I learned a lot about the different awards granted to children's books and discovered some gems I would like to add to her bookshelf reading OneFootPutt's lens, Award Winning Children's Books - 2012.

I just realized I haven't posted a lens about books yet! Guess I better get to it!